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Arizona’s Best Roofing Company Wants You to be Ready – Rain is on the Way!

Tips From Arizona's Best Roofing Company About Storm Preparations

Fall weather in Arizona has been fabulous.  The weather is changing, and four days of heavy rain in the Valley and snow in the mountains is on it’s way.  JLC Roofing Company, an Arizona family owned company with three decades of experience keeping Arizona families protected under their roof, wants you to be safe and ready. Why are we Arizona’s best roofing company? Because our family realizes that it is your family under the roof we are repairing, and you have our quality commitment to provide you the best roof repair service in Arizona.

So, the storm is coming.  How can you be prepared?

1) Double check your homeowner’s insurance and make sure your roof is covered for storm damage.

2) Take photos of your roof in advance of the storm as proof for insurance company of storm damage if it occurs.

3) Trim nearby trees to minimize the likelihood of roof damage from flying branches.

4) Make sure your gutters and drains are clear of debris to prevent pooling of water on your roofs.

5) Keep our contact info close by should you need roof repair after the fact.  Our family is committed to your family.

Stay safe!

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