Repairing Long Term Weathering Arizona Roofs

With the increased cost of lumber, shingles, and other major roofing supplies, Arizona residential roofing and Arizona commercial roofing companies are experiencing a rise in the price of roofing materials of approximately 4 to 6 percent.

Arizona Industrial Roofing SpecialistsDespite the materials shortages in every Arizona commercial and industrial roofing project is increasing due to increased demand and transportation challenges.  According to the New York Times, the Phoenix metro area is the fastest-growing area nationally.  New home builds are continuing at a record pace.  Regardless of challenges, JLC Roofing is committed to meeting the needs of Arizona commercial and residential builders with the same excellence of service that has driven our Arizona family-owned roofing company for the past twenty-five years.

Reputable Arizona Industrial Roofing Specialist

JLC Roofing’s reputation for hard work, expertise, and integrity continues to drive the commitment to excellence. As a result, our family-owned company has maintained our roofing customers over the years because we are a trusted partner when it comes to new home builds. Our teams are working hard around Arizona to support the explosive growth in our state.

  • JLC Roofing Company has a A+ Rating with the BBB
  • Family Owned in Arizona for over 25 years
  • Fully Licensed and Insured Arizona Contractor

Contact JLC Roofing for Professional Residential, Commercial and, Industrial Roofing in Arizona

If you are a new home builder just entering our state, we invite you to reach out.  We would love to hear your goals and explore ways we can support your home-building efforts with our high-quality Arizona roofing company.  Please reach out to us HERE.

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Need an Arizona Roofing Replacement or High Quality Arizona Roofing Service?

Characteristic of most homes, neighborhoods that are built together at the same time, usually experience wear and tear together. About the time someone starts looking for an Arizona roofing service that offers Arizona roofing replacement in one home, it is likely the neighboring house is in a similar position. JLC Roofing Company has experienced this scenario on numerous occasions as we provide residential roofing services to our Arizona neighbors.

High Quality Arizona Roofing Services Matter Most

Then follows the price and company comparison for groups of neighbors with the lowest bidder winning. JLC Roofing Company’s high standards of service exhibit a never ending fortitude against damage and decay. This is why researching for a high quality Arizona roofing service means more about getting the best instead of just getting the cheapest Arizona roof replacement around. Remember, we have been serving Arizonans for almost three decades, so we have seen a lot of roofing companies come and go. The most inexpensive roofing choice may not be the most providential in the long run.

JLC Roofing Company is Here for the Long Haul

With the Arizona monsoon season nearing its end, JLC Roofing Company continues to help our Arizona neighbors recover from storm damage, and the intense dry heat followed by torrential rains that eat away an otherwise well constructed home or business. We have an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating and have served thousands of our fellow Arizonas over these past twenty five years. We just don’t take the profits from a big storm and then cut and run.

When do You Need an Arizona Roofing Replacement?

How secure is your roof and how safe is it from the wear and tear of outdoor phenomena? The average life of an Arizona roof can last anywhere from 10 to 50 years. A lot of that estimate is defined by the type of roof systems that were installed when the home or commercial building was constructed – a tile roof can last as long as half a century, while a shingle roof may live up to 30 years. The lifespan of a foam roof is somewhere between 15 to 25 years. The type of roof matters a great deal when you are considering an Arizona roofing replacement or a roofing repair.

Put Your Home in the Hands of Your Trusted Neighor – JLC Roofing Company

JLC Roofing Company has been trusted by Arizona businesses, schools, and homeowners for almost three decades. Choosing our Arizona roofing company means that we serve with integrity, from one Arizona family to another. We will give you all of the information needed so that you can make an informed decision about your Arizona roofing services provider with expert direction, high quality materials, and our licensed and bonded roofing crews.
Please reach out us today to let us know how we can be of service. Click HERE to get started. Also, you can follow us on Facebook for timely updates on protecting what matters most – the people under your high quality roof from JLC Roofing Company!

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JLC Roofing Company – 25 Years of Serving Arizona Families & Businesses

JLC Roofing Company is a family owned Arizona roofing company.  Our family has been serving Arizona families and businesses with high quality commercial and residential roofing services for over twenty five years. 

JLC Roofing Company Knows How Important It is to
Protect What's Under the Roof

Whether it is a young family with precious children or an older couple with treasured possessions that reflect a lifetime of memories, JLC Roofing understands that what is under the roof matters the most.  Our residential roofing services include high quality new roofs and roof repair, even emergency roof repairs for Arizona families that have urgent roofing needs.

Arizona businesses count on JLC Roofing Company to keep their businesses up and running and their company assets safe.  We use modern roofing techniques and quality roofing materials, as well as experienced roofing crews to get the job done right the first time.

Our Arizona Roofing Company Offers Complimentary Roofing Consultations

Whether you are an Arizona home owner or business owner, JLC Roofing Company has the experience and expertise to protect what is most important to you.  We have expertise to build new roofs, provide roof repair, and speedy emergency roof repair.  Whether it is a tile or shingle, flat or pitched, we can provide the high quality professional roofing services you need.  We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Schedule Your Arizona Roofing Consultation Today

Call our office today at 623-878-9832 or send our office an e-mail. Or, fill out a contact form on our Contact page. We will get you scheduled as speedily as possible!

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Arizona Commercial Roofer with 25 Years of Experience

Arizona commercial real estate is hot, hot, hot!  And so are the roofs! Protect your valuable investment with an Arizona commercial roofer that has 25 years of commercial roofing experience.  Whether you need commercial roofing repairs, or a commercial roof for a brand new building, JLC Roofing has the experience and expertise to protect your valuable commercial real estate investment.

With the massive influx of companies moving to Arizona, and in particular the Phoenix metro area, new commercial buildings are popping up as fast as a good batch of movie theatre popcorn.

If you are a commercial builder in need of a reliable Arizona commercial roofer, JLC is one of Arizona’s best commercial roofing companies.  We are licensed, insured, bonded, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

If you own commercial real estate in Arizona and need repairs, we can cost efficiently and expertly repair your roof to protect your valuable commercial real estate investment.

Bonded Arizona Commercial Roofer

Whether it is a new commercial roof or a repair, if you want your commercial roofing services to be done right the first time, on time, and on budget, JLC Roofing is the company to call or e-mail.  We welcome the opportunity to provide a complimentary consultation to your company.  Go HERE to reach out.

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Arizona Emergency Roofing Repair During Monsoon Season

Monsoon season in Arizona brings much needed rain, but high winds have a tendency to wreak havoc on roofs that are not in good repair heading into monsoon season.  Our Arizona emergency roofing repair services have helped so many Arizona families over these past twenty five years prevent further damage to their homes and the contents of their homes because of our speedy response times and expert work.

You Can Prevent Arizona Emergency Roofing Repair

We know the storms are coming.  Monsoon season is typically the busiest season for Arizona roofing companies. At JLC Roofing Company, we recommend to our customers to prepare in advance to prevent the need for Arizona emergency roofing repair.

Schedule a roof inspection now, get any needed repairs done now, and weather the monsoon season with peace of mind, not fearing when the rains and winds start.

Your family, the contents of your home, and your roof can weather the storm without disruption if you plan in advance. Think haboobs!!  Your roof needs to be water and wind tight to prevent damage to your existing roof.  When roofs leak, water can soak into your wooden structure, your drywall, and in major leaks, destroy carpet, fixtures and furniture.  You simply don’t have to go through this if you are prepared in advance.  To schedule a roofing inspection, go here.

JLC Roofing is a family owned Arizona roofing company that has been serving communities, businesses, and families for over 25 years.  We are licensed and bonded.  Let our family care for yours.

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JLC Roofing Inc. is a Premier Arizona Roofing Company Serving Local Communities

Twenty-five years ago, my father launched JLC Roofing. He worked tirelessly to care for our family and to make sure that other families were safe. Today, as Jason Bowers serves as President and CEO of JLC Roofing, he is forever grateful for his father’s work ethic, his selfless approach to meeting the needs of others, his honesty, and his commitment to excellence. JLC Roofing Inc. is a licensed and bonded Arizona roofing company recognized as one of the most experienced and respected roofing companies in Arizona. We have been serving our Arizona communities with commercial and residential roofing services and emergency roof repairs for over 25 years! JLC Roofing always puts our family values of honesty and excellence at the core of our Arizona roofing services.

How JLC Roofing Inc. can Assist Your Family or Business with any Roofing Needs

Our experienced roofing company is helping Arizona residential homes and commercial businesses with all roofing needs. JLC Roofing is appropriately licensed, insured, and bonded, ensuring the highest quality service as a leading Arizona’s roofing company. JLC Roofing Inc. knows that roofing a home or business means protecting the family or business under it. We take this responsibility very seriously when serving our Arizona families and businesses. As a result of our decades of experience, our family owned roofing company provides the utmost expertise, products, and professionalism.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Our Respected and Experienced Arizona Roofing Company 

For the last 25 years, our family-owned business JLC Roofing Inc. has built and repaired thousands of commercial and residential roofs in Arizona. During this time, we have also built strong personal relationships with our business clients and fellow Arizona families.

The team at JLC Roofing is always happy to talk about how we can best serve you. Please contact us for a complimentary roofing consultation HERE. We can share more details on our roofing services and determine how we can better serve you with your roofing needs. Please feel free to give us a call or contact us online HERE, we are always here to help!

Learn More About JLC Roofing Inc, One of the Best Arizona Roofing Companies Around

The professional team at JLC Roofing is committed to serving Arizona. Whether commercial, residential, or emergency roof repair, we look forward to exceeding your roofing service expectations. We are a licensed contractor with the State of Arizona, bonded and insured.

As one of the largest, most experienced, and respected roofing companies in Arizona, honesty and commitment to excellence permeate everything, we do. It’s who we are, and we are committed to protecting what matters most. Please let us know how we can serve by contacting us at 623-878-9832 or email Visit our website HERE to contact us about your roofing needs. We look forward to serving you.

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3 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor in Phoenix AZ

When your residence or business requires roof repair or replacement, the first step is finding the right roofing company in Arizona to work with. Whether there is a minor issue, or a significant project or repair, JLC Roofing Inc. has the expertise to provide quality roofing services in Arizona for homes and businesses. When you need a roofing contractor in Phoenix Arizona, you want to make sure you are contracting a reliable roofing company with the experience to do a great job. 

If you are searching for a Phoenix roofing contractor, it is important to spot red flags. Look for time in business, licenses, and insurance, knowledge of standard roofing practices, high-quality products, and professionalism in customer relations. Please reach out to us with any questions you have about JLC Roofing Inc. and our roofing contractors in Phoenix Arizona. 

If you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy roofing company, follow these three simple steps to finding the best roofing company for your project-

Step 1: Research Reputable and Trustworthy Roofing Contractors in Phoenix Arizona 

It is vital to research roofing contractors in Phoenix AZ with a history of providing quality services, have a trustworthy staff, and render skilled workmanship when repairing or replacing your roof. 

JLC Roofing Inc. is insured and bonded for the safety of our clients. We are a family owned business and have worked with other Arizona families and businesses for over 25 years. As a result, our clients are accustomed to honesty, excellence, and knowledgable expertise from our many years of experience as one of the best roofing contractors in Phoenix Arizona.

Step 2: Evaluate our Roofing Services and Repairs 

Please visit our website to find out more about our roofing repair and replacement services. If you are looking for a high-quality roofing contractor in Phoenix AZ, we are one of the top residential and commercial roofing companies in Arizona. Contact JLC Roofing Inc. with any questions you may have, and we are happy to provide more information about our roofing company in Arizona. 

Please contact us by phone at 623-878-9832 or email at

Step 3: Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with our Roofing Contractor in Phoenix Arizona

The JLC Roofing team is available to talk with you and help you with any of your roofing needs, big or small. Please contact us for a complimentary roofing consultation HERE. We will share more information about our roofing services. Together, we will determine how we can better serve you when your roof needs repair or replacement. Please feel free to give us a call at 623-878-9832 or contact us online HERE. Our roofing contractors in Phoenix are here to help!

Providing Our Communities with Arizona Roofing Repairs for Over 25 Years

JLC Roofing Inc. has built and repaired thousands of Arizona roofs over the past 25 years. We offer a complimentary consultation with our experienced team to better provide more information on Arizona roofing repairs and services. Please contact us to schedule a complimentary roofing consultation HERE

As a roofing contractor in Phoenix AZ, we have decades of expertise and have served our community with reliable and reputable roofing services in Arizona. The history of JLC Roofing Inc. is founded on family values of hard work, trustworthiness, and a commitment to providing quality roofing services to Arizona residential and commercial properties. 

Please let us know how we can serve you by contacting us at 623-878-9832 or email To learn more about our roofing company and available Arizona roofing repairs and services, please visit our website HERE. We look forward to meeting you and offering our services as a well-respected roofing contractor in Phoenix Arizona!

Arizona Emergency Roof Repair

Plan Your Arizona Emergency Roof Repair Project with JLC Roofing, Inc.  

Are you experiencing an emergency roof incident that needs attention as soon as possible? JLC Roofing Inc. can help your home or business in any circumstance. We offer Arizona emergency roof repair and services. When there is a roofing emergency, it is vital to contact a professional and experienced roofing company for repairs. We are here for you when disaster hits. Stormy weather can leave roofs with damages that need immediate repair. JLC Roofing Inc. provides emergency roof repairs in Arizona. Our expert emergency roof repair services help our clients get back to normal fast, whether it is a monsoon or a storm blowing in. 

JLC Roofing Will be There for Your Home and Business in Stormy Weather 

As an Arizona roofing company that has been operating for over 25 years, we understand Arizona weather. Arizona roofs experience many extreme weather conditions. During summer, the Arizona heat and sun exposure can cause roofing problems. 

As a desert environment, there a few factors that require emergency roof repairs in Arizona:


Our Arizona roofing company especially sees deterioration with older roofs. Sunlight speeds up the deterioration process, and the damaging UV rays begin to break down roofs, causing significant issues. Arizona roof repairs are necessary when you notice missing pieces or warping. 

Temperature Shock 

Arizona temperatures change consistently between day and night. During the day, roofs withstand high temperatures and scorching heat but cools down drastically during nighttime. These shifts in temperature cause weakness to roofing materials and structures as they expand and contract rapidly. Routine roof maintenance can make sure your roofing materials are correctly functioning. 

Roof Cracks and Leaks 

The high heat temperatures in Arizona cause roofing materials to dry out rather quickly. When roofing materials become inflexible, a roof has a much harder time holding up to storms, wind, and debris, leaving a roof in need of Arizona emergency roof repairs. Replacing aged and dried-out roofing materials as needed can prevent this type of damage from occurring again. 

Keep in touch with JLC roofing Inc, just in case of an emergency. Keep our contact information on hand in case of a rainy or stormy day. Before you catch water in buckets or use umbrellas inside the home, let our Arizona roofing company keep your home and business safe! Learn more about available Arizona emergency roof repairs HERE

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with JLC Roofing Inc. for Arizona Emergency Roof Repair and Services

JLC Roofing Inc. is a family-owned business, and we have been serving our clients in Arizona for over 25 years. Our family has helped build and repair thousands of roofs in Arizona, and we work tirelessly to protect what matters most to you. As we have been serving Arizona, we have built many pleasant relationships. JLC Roofing Inc. can help you with any of your roofing needs in Arizona. We offer a complimentary consultation with our expert team to better provide information on Arizona roofing repairs and services available.

Please contact us for a complimentary roofing consultation HERE. As one of the largest, most experienced, and respected roofing companies in Arizona, honesty, and commitment to excellence permeates everything we do. Please let us know how we can serve you by contacting us at 623-878-9832 or email To learn more about our roofing company and our Arizona emergency roof repair and services, please visit our website HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!