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Seasonal Roofing Repair Specialists

JLC Roofing is an Arizona roofing company ready to come alongside the homeowner facing major structural damage from a recent roofing incident.

   While the average fall memories turn to deeply-hued radiant orange, red, and yellow falling leaves and the aroma of delicious hot homemade chili or mom’s apple pie, the resident dealing with damaged shingles or roof leaks might be entertaining frantic thoughts elsewhere.

This is where JLC Roofing shines best. With almost 30 years of experience, JLC Contractors lift the worry by addressing the anxiety with well-trained solutions.

Once an overall expert evaluation had been conducted, JLC Roofing contractors can assess and implement the most effective procedure for quick and effective repair or replacement of damaged gutters, downspouts, skylights, or roof ventilation.

One of the problems homeowners face during the seasonal weather change is tree limbs falling on the roof from high winds. Tree limbs can puncture the roof,  requiring a quick response to prevent small leaks that over time become big leaks. Sometimes an entire tree crashing through the roof brings with it additional internal damage. This requires immediate action before disastrous damage becomes a greater long-term problem.

Often a homeowner can miss something that brings about slow roof damage over time. Wood rot is a common occurrence when wood gets wet and never thoroughly dries following heavy rain. Only a well-trained roofing professional can spot this damage and notify the owner before further damage is done.

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Over the almost thirty years JLC Roofing has been serving Arizonans, we have made a lasting impact by keeping residential and commercial roofs strong to protect the valuable contents inside. Contact us today at 623-878-9832

Arizona emergency roof repair

Arizona Emergency Roofing Repair During Monsoon Season

Monsoon season in Arizona brings much needed rain, but high winds have a tendency to wreak havoc on roofs that are not in good repair heading into monsoon season.  Our Arizona emergency roofing repair services have helped so many Arizona families over these past twenty five years prevent further damage to their homes and the contents of their homes because of our speedy response times and expert work.

You Can Prevent Arizona Emergency Roofing Repair

We know the storms are coming.  Monsoon season is typically the busiest season for Arizona roofing companies. At JLC Roofing Company, we recommend to our customers to prepare in advance to prevent the need for Arizona emergency roofing repair.

Schedule a roof inspection now, get any needed repairs done now, and weather the monsoon season with peace of mind, not fearing when the rains and winds start.

Your family, the contents of your home, and your roof can weather the storm without disruption if you plan in advance. Think haboobs!!  Your roof needs to be water and wind tight to prevent damage to your existing roof.  When roofs leak, water can soak into your wooden structure, your drywall, and in major leaks, destroy carpet, fixtures and furniture.  You simply don’t have to go through this if you are prepared in advance.  To schedule a roofing inspection, go here.

JLC Roofing is a family owned Arizona roofing company that has been serving communities, businesses, and families for over 25 years.  We are licensed and bonded.  Let our family care for yours.

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Arizona Emergency Roof Repair

Plan Your Arizona Emergency Roof Repair Project with JLC Roofing, Inc.  

Are you experiencing an emergency roof incident that needs attention as soon as possible? JLC Roofing Inc. can help your home or business in any circumstance. We offer Arizona emergency roof repair and services. When there is a roofing emergency, it is vital to contact a professional and experienced roofing company for repairs. We are here for you when disaster hits. Stormy weather can leave roofs with damages that need immediate repair. JLC Roofing Inc. provides emergency roof repairs in Arizona. Our expert emergency roof repair services help our clients get back to normal fast, whether it is a monsoon or a storm blowing in. 

JLC Roofing Will be There for Your Home and Business in Stormy Weather 

As an Arizona roofing company that has been operating for over 25 years, we understand Arizona weather. Arizona roofs experience many extreme weather conditions. During summer, the Arizona heat and sun exposure can cause roofing problems. 

As a desert environment, there a few factors that require emergency roof repairs in Arizona:


Our Arizona roofing company especially sees deterioration with older roofs. Sunlight speeds up the deterioration process, and the damaging UV rays begin to break down roofs, causing significant issues. Arizona roof repairs are necessary when you notice missing pieces or warping. 

Temperature Shock 

Arizona temperatures change consistently between day and night. During the day, roofs withstand high temperatures and scorching heat but cools down drastically during nighttime. These shifts in temperature cause weakness to roofing materials and structures as they expand and contract rapidly. Routine roof maintenance can make sure your roofing materials are correctly functioning. 

Roof Cracks and Leaks 

The high heat temperatures in Arizona cause roofing materials to dry out rather quickly. When roofing materials become inflexible, a roof has a much harder time holding up to storms, wind, and debris, leaving a roof in need of Arizona emergency roof repairs. Replacing aged and dried-out roofing materials as needed can prevent this type of damage from occurring again. 

Keep in touch with JLC roofing Inc, just in case of an emergency. Keep our contact information on hand in case of a rainy or stormy day. Before you catch water in buckets or use umbrellas inside the home, let our Arizona roofing company keep your home and business safe! Learn more about available Arizona emergency roof repairs HERE

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JLC Roofing Inc. is a family-owned business, and we have been serving our clients in Arizona for over 25 years. Our family has helped build and repair thousands of roofs in Arizona, and we work tirelessly to protect what matters most to you. As we have been serving Arizona, we have built many pleasant relationships. JLC Roofing Inc. can help you with any of your roofing needs in Arizona. We offer a complimentary consultation with our expert team to better provide information on Arizona roofing repairs and services available.

Please contact us for a complimentary roofing consultation HERE. As one of the largest, most experienced, and respected roofing companies in Arizona, honesty, and commitment to excellence permeates everything we do. Please let us know how we can serve you by contacting us at 623-878-9832 or email To learn more about our roofing company and our Arizona emergency roof repair and services, please visit our website HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Servicing Our Communities with Arizona Roofing Repairs for Over 25 Years

JLC Roofing Company has served our Arizona communities for over 25 years. In that time, we have encountered all kinds of roof problems and provided all sorts of roof repairs. JLC Roofing Inc. has built and repaired thousands of Arizona roofs, both emergency and some non-emergency roofing services for Arizona families and businesses. If you are searching for a local, family owned Arizona roofing repair company, JLC Roofing is here to help you with roofing repair services for any of your emergency or non-emergency roofing needs.

JLC Roofing Inc. is a family-owned business that works hard to protect our client’s families, homes, and businesses. We understand the value of homes and businesses – it’s not just about the roof, it’s about the people under the roof! To protect what you value most and prevent the damage, we recommend that your roof is inspected and maintained annually. Simple and affordable roof maintenance can prevent the need for more costly repairs and damage to the inside of your home or business. Our Arizona roofing repair services are licensed and bonded, and we get the repair right the first time. contractor.

Arizona Roofing Repairs and Services 

As one of the largest and best Arizona roofing companies, we have seen everything there is to see when it comes to roof repairs. We strive to help our clients keep their roofs in quality condition for the safety and protection of their families, homes, and businesses. Annual inspections and maintenance are crucial for all roofs. Maintaining your roof inteqrity is key in the hot Arizona sun and especially during the high winds of the monsoon season. Being ready with your roof in good repair will save you both time and money. 

Many factors can cause significant issues for Arizona roofs. Overgrown trees, animal nesting, debris, and loose tiles or shingles are just some examples of elements that can lead to more severe problems for any roof. The current condition of your roof is critical to keep in mind during certain seasons in Arizona. Small problems can quickly escalate during monsoon season. Our Arizona roofing repairs services are also in high demand during seasons with harsh weather conditions, so be sure to be ahead of the curve in getting your roof inspected and scheduling roof repairs before the storms hit. 

If you are researching roofing contractors that offer Arizona roofing repair services, JLC Roofing Inc. will work tirelessly until your home or business is safe. We get it, because we live here too. Our locally owned Arizona roofing company offers Arizona residential roofing, Arizona commercial roofing, and emergency Arizona roofing repairs to the communities that call home. 

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JLC Roofing Inc. has built and repaired thousands of Arizona roofs over the past 25 years. Our family has enjoyed helping families and businesses protect what matters most. As we’ve serviced our communities with Arizona roofing repairs, we have built many personal relationships. JLC Roofing Inc. can help you with any of your roofing needs in Arizona, whether residential or commercial new roofs or repair. We offer a complimentary consult with our expert team to provide detailed information on the Arizona roofing repairs and services you need. Please contact us for a complimentary roofing consultation HERE.

As one of the largest, most experienced, and respected roofing companies in Arizona, honesty and commitment to excellence permeate everything, we do. It’s who we are, and we are committed to protecting what matters most. Please let us know how we can serve you by contacting us at 623-878-9832 or email To learn more about our roofing company and available Arizona roofing repairs and services, please visit our website HERE. We look forward to meeting you!