Arizona commercial roofing

Arizona Commercial Roofing for New Builds

Arizona Commercial Roofing for New Builds

Are you thinking of building a new commercial real estate construction in one of Arizona’s great cities? Are you needing to team up with a roofing company? We are the perfect complement to your construction company.

JLC Roofing has been in business in Arizona for over 25 years.  Licensed, insured, and bonded, JLC Roofing specializes in industrial roofing in all parts of Arizona: Phoenix, Mesa, Yuma, Goodyear, Buckeye, Casa Grande Tucson, Glendale, Prescott and Flagstaff. 

What Type of New Commercial Builds Does JLC Do?

JLC Roofing specializes in all types of Arizona commercial roofing for businesses, whether it is a new build, a new roof, or a roof repair. For over 25 years, we have worked on numerous projects including:

  • Churches
  • Warehouses
  • Education and Schools
  • Apartments
  • Banks
  • Gymnasiums
  • Restaurants

So, regardless of the size of your project; our team of Arizona commercial roofing specialists are trained to work on your project –  big or small. Contact us today

What Kind of Arizona Commercial Roofing Projects?

As specialists in the roofing industry for over 25 years, we have worked in all types of situations. From repair to new construction, JLC Roofing has been the leading roofing company to help commercial real estate construction companies build real estate investment properties.

JLC Roofing provides exceptional commercial and industrial roofing services to all of Arizona. From tile to foam, our team of professionals have the expert installation experience to ensure the job is done – the first time.  In Arizona, we provide the following services:

  • Tile Roofing
  • Metal Roofing 
  • Foam Roofing
  • Flat Roofing

For more information about our services and an estimate for your business, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Contact JLC Roofing Specialists

JLC Roofing is a fully licensed and bonded roofing company in Arizona. Specializing in Arizona roofing for over 25 years, we offer residential, commercial, industrial, and repair services for the entire state of Arizona. Find out more about our Arizona commercial roofing HERE. Contact us today for a free estimate of our roofing services.



Residential Roofing for New Construction in Arizona

Are you a home builder in Arizona? JLC Roofing specializes in residential roofing for new home builds. Our team of roofing specialists and contractors is licensed, insured, bonded, and experienced in working with home builders around the state.
Choosing The Right Materials for Residential Roofing
As a home builder, you know that choosing the right type of roofing materials for residential roofing is very important..

With over 25 years of experience in Arizona, JLC is a team of well-trained professionals who have experience helping homebuilders choose the right materials for their residential home locations.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.
What Types of Residential Roofing Materials do we Use?
In Arizona, there are three types of roofs:

Shingle Roofing for New Construction
A traditional and most common route, shingles are a great aesthetic solution that is made from asphalt or fiberglass. It comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. It can last up to 25 years here in Arizona.
Energy Efficient
Relatively Easy to Install

Tile Roofing
One of the most attractive and very Arizona tiles is a great option here in the desert. Made with clay, tile roofing is the most durable type of roofing, but can still protect homes from water damage and the sun’s intense heat. So, the benefits include:
Environmental Friendly
Low Maintenance
Energy Efficient

Foam Roofing
A cool touch from above, foam roofing uses polyurethane foam to cover the top of the home providing a strong and seamless roof that covers every corner without any worries. Often used in commercial and industrial roofs for businesses, a foam roof is sprayed until stiff creating a great insulation base for your roof.
Lower Energy Bills
Flexible Installations
Helps Maintain Building Structure

Contact the Arizona Roofing Specialists
JLC is a licensed and bonded roofing contractor in the State of Arizona. We offer roofing services for new construction for homes, apartments, or businesses. We provide our services through the State of Arizona including Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff.

Arizona Structual Roof Damage

Let’s Avoid Structural Damage if We Can

JLC Roofing contractors will help you pinpoint potential damage with expert roofing inspection that covers a variety of possible hazards that arise from wear and tear environmental issues.

As the fall season turns toward winter, this becomes the best time to spot, identify and solve common Arizona roofing problems that have occurred and gone unnoticed.

Repairs, replacement, and maintenance are roofing services JLC Roofing experts offer.  The skill and dedication JLC Roofing contractors and crew offer put them at the top of the list of when researching companies for Arizona roof repair.

What are some of the common troubles that plague the roof of a home or commercial building? Can the damage be fixed or should the entire top of the structure be replaced?

One common problem can be ventilation issues that occur when insects or small animals like squirrels invade one’s attic because the roof vents are not properly screened or have loosened following a powerful wind storm. Sometimes vent openings can be blocked.

The extent of the damage to shingles or tiles determines the best course of action. Doing the work right the first time ensures you won’t have to do it twice.

Subtle leaks are a dangerous problem because, without regular inspection, something like dribbling of water through a popped nail in the roof or a tiny unnoticeable crack in the ceiling will cause a tremendous amount of internal structure damage before it’s even noticed.  JLC Roofing inspectors periodically check for unforeseen complications like that.

JLC Roofing is a 20 year plus Arizona family-owned business that has established a long history of serving Arizona businesses and Arizona residents,  who appreciate to their local presence and experience.  We invite you to schedule your roof inspection by calling 623-878-9832.  We are Arizonans serving Arizonans.

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Does Your Roofing Contractor in Arizona Know the Best Materials to Use?

Did you know that where you live in Arizona helps determine the best type of roofing materials to use on your home? Your roofing contractor in Arizona needs to know that it is not a one sized fits all approach.

Think roofs are boring? There are many different types of roofs. For example, most roofs in Paris are made of zinc. Zincalume and Colorbond steel are popular in Australia and New Zealand. And in both eastern Iran and western Afghanistan, their roofs are constructed with sun-dried brick masonry or mud blocks to fit its dry climate.

Climates that Roofing Contractors in Arizona Should Consider

JLC Roofing has been serving Arizona for almost three decades. We have provided commercial and residential roofing services around the state, adapting to the climate and using the best suited roofing materials to construct a high quality roof.

Did you know that almost half of Arizona is semiarid? What does that mean? It means that partially parched atmosphere and baking sun dry the wrong roofing materials out more rapidly. In the northern regions, with their cool to cold winters roofs that help retain heat and shed moisture are important. The Basin and Range regions in southern Arizona enjoy more humidity and less scorching temperatures, with what can be described as a subtropical climate that is refreshing. In this area, roofing materials are again matched to the climate, and Arizona roofing contractors need to avoid the cookie cutter approach of the same roofing materials for every area and type of building in the state.

JLC Roofing is a Family Owned, A+ BBB Rated Roofing Contractor in Arizona

When searching for the best roofing contractor in Arizona, we recommend checking out ratings on the Better Business Bureau’s website. You can check ours HERE. We also believe that using an Arizona owned roofing contractor protects you from “storm chaser” roofing companies that are in the state for a season, and nowhere to be found after that for any follow up work that might be needed. You can find out more about JLC Roofing Company HERE. Feel free to reach out for your complimentary Arizona roof inspection HERE. And, follow us on Facebook to keep up with important seasonal insights for Arizona home and business owners.

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A+ BBB Rated Roofing Contractor in Arizona

JLC Roofing is an A+ BBB rated roofing contractor in Arizona. We’re Arizonans with over two decades of providing quality commercial and residential roofing services.  When you are researching roofing companies in Phoenix or around the state, being local matters.  It means we don’t dash in and out of the state just to chase storms.  We are here for the long haul, serving Arizona families with excellence and integrity.

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Need an Arizona Commercial Roofer You Can Trust? Our Arizona Commercial Roofing Services are A+ BBB Rated

Looking for the best Arizona commercial roofer you can find for your business and your budget? JLC Roofing Company serving Arizona businesses for almost three decades with the highest integrity and quality available for Arizona commercial roofing services. Arizona commercial roofer, roofing companies in Phoenix A+ BBB ratedWe have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and our crews are licensed, bonded and insured.

JLC Roofing Company is an Arizona based business.  We definitely understand the importance of insuring that there is no down time for your company. We complete our work on time and on budget. When you compare the best Arizona commercial roofers, we recommend using an Arizona based company. Why? Because our business is located in Arizona and we will be there when your roofing needs arise.

We are a Local, Family Owned Arizona Commercial Roofing Company

JLC Roofing launched in September of 1993 as a family owned business. Jason Bowers’ father worked tirelessly to get the business off the ground, serving Arizona families and businesses while providing for his own family. He passed that work ethic on to his son, Jason Bowers, who is forever grateful for the work ethic, selfless approach to meeting the needs of others, honesty, and commitment to excellence that his father instilled in him. It’s hard to find a family owned Arizona commercial roofer as committed to the state’s businesses and families as JLC Roofing Company is, while remaining one of the largest providers of Arizona commercial roofing services with a reputation for excellence and integrity.  Read more about Jason Bowers, CEO and JLC Roofing Company’s commitment to making a difference in Arizona HERE.

Arizona Commercial Roofing Services That Keep the Word Service at the Forefront

In the past year and a half, Arizona has seen a rapid increase in commercial buildings going up to accommodate the large number of new businesses that have decided to make Arizona their home. The population has swelled dramatically, and home builders in Arizona are hard pressed to keep up with demand for new housing. We understand the pressure to keep up with demand, as JLC Roofing Company has been at the forefront of providing Arizona commercial roofing services to new commercial builders and home builders. Despite the fast pace and high demand, we remain committed to our core values of customer service integrity, and excellence.

If your company  is looking for a high quality, trustworthy Arizona commercial roofer, please do reach out to us. You can start the process HERE. We really don’t think you will find another Arizona commercial roofing company as passionate as we are about serving Arizona businesses. And, we would love to connect with your business on LinkedIn.

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JLC Roofing Company – 25 Years of Serving Arizona Families & Businesses

JLC Roofing Company is a family owned Arizona roofing company.  Our family has been serving Arizona families and businesses with high quality commercial and residential roofing services for over twenty five years. 

JLC Roofing Company Knows How Important It is to
Protect What's Under the Roof

Whether it is a young family with precious children or an older couple with treasured possessions that reflect a lifetime of memories, JLC Roofing understands that what is under the roof matters the most.  Our residential roofing services include high quality new roofs and roof repair, even emergency roof repairs for Arizona families that have urgent roofing needs.

Arizona businesses count on JLC Roofing Company to keep their businesses up and running and their company assets safe.  We use modern roofing techniques and quality roofing materials, as well as experienced roofing crews to get the job done right the first time.

Our Arizona Roofing Company Offers Complimentary Roofing Consultations

Whether you are an Arizona home owner or business owner, JLC Roofing Company has the experience and expertise to protect what is most important to you.  We have expertise to build new roofs, provide roof repair, and speedy emergency roof repair.  Whether it is a tile or shingle, flat or pitched, we can provide the high quality professional roofing services you need.  We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Schedule Your Arizona Roofing Consultation Today

Call our office today at 623-878-9832 or send our office an e-mail. Or, fill out a contact form on our Contact page. We will get you scheduled as speedily as possible!

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Arizona Roofing Replacement Timing

Why is timing for Arizona roofing replacement important for your home or business bottom line?  Think dollar bills.  Or haboobs.  Monsoons.  118 degree temperatures.  By now you are getting the picture.  Arizona’s extreme summer temperatures can cause roofing materials to break down over time with buckling and peeling shingles and cracking tiles.  When this happens the wood structures underneath are exposed to the elements, causing water damage, pest infestation, and over time, mold growth on the walls of your home.  And of course, as roofs degrade, it impacts the ability to cool the structure efficiently.

High temperatures during the day and temperature swings at night add to the wear and tear.  This is caused thermal shock and older roofs are more susceptible to degrading from these temperature swings.

Of course, during monsoon season the high winds can grab the buckling and peeling shingles and cracking tiles and lift them right off of the roof, leaving it exposed during the most volatile weather season in the Phoenix metro area and southern Arizona communities. Roofing replacement in the fall, winter, and spring are great times to replace warmer climate roofs.

Up north, the challenges of winter with freezing rain and snow create a different Arizona roofing replacement timing need.  Roof replacement in the late spring, summer and early fall are perfect times.

Arizona Roofing Replacement Timing is Key

Arizona emergency roofing repair
Arizona commercial roofer, roofing companies in Phoenix A+ BBB rated

Learn more about how JLC Roofing, a local family-owned Arizona roofing company with 25 years of experience that can provide your Arizona roofing replacement at a time that will be most beneficial to your wallet HERE.  We are licensed, bonded, insured, and enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Please reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation HERE.

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JLC Roofing Inc. is a Premier Arizona Roofing Company Serving Local Communities

Twenty-five years ago, my father launched JLC Roofing. He worked tirelessly to care for our family and to make sure that other families were safe. Today, as Jason Bowers serves as President and CEO of JLC Roofing, he is forever grateful for his father’s work ethic, his selfless approach to meeting the needs of others, his honesty, and his commitment to excellence. JLC Roofing Inc. is a licensed and bonded Arizona roofing company recognized as one of the most experienced and respected roofing companies in Arizona. We have been serving our Arizona communities with commercial and residential roofing services and emergency roof repairs for over 25 years! JLC Roofing always puts our family values of honesty and excellence at the core of our Arizona roofing services.

How JLC Roofing Inc. can Assist Your Family or Business with any Roofing Needs

Our experienced roofing company is helping Arizona residential homes and commercial businesses with all roofing needs. JLC Roofing is appropriately licensed, insured, and bonded, ensuring the highest quality service as a leading Arizona’s roofing company. JLC Roofing Inc. knows that roofing a home or business means protecting the family or business under it. We take this responsibility very seriously when serving our Arizona families and businesses. As a result of our decades of experience, our family owned roofing company provides the utmost expertise, products, and professionalism.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Our Respected and Experienced Arizona Roofing Company 

For the last 25 years, our family-owned business JLC Roofing Inc. has built and repaired thousands of commercial and residential roofs in Arizona. During this time, we have also built strong personal relationships with our business clients and fellow Arizona families.

The team at JLC Roofing is always happy to talk about how we can best serve you. Please contact us for a complimentary roofing consultation HERE. We can share more details on our roofing services and determine how we can better serve you with your roofing needs. Please feel free to give us a call or contact us online HERE, we are always here to help!

Learn More About JLC Roofing Inc, One of the Best Arizona Roofing Companies Around

The professional team at JLC Roofing is committed to serving Arizona. Whether commercial, residential, or emergency roof repair, we look forward to exceeding your roofing service expectations. We are a licensed contractor with the State of Arizona, bonded and insured.

As one of the largest, most experienced, and respected roofing companies in Arizona, honesty and commitment to excellence permeate everything, we do. It’s who we are, and we are committed to protecting what matters most. Please let us know how we can serve by contacting us at 623-878-9832 or email Visit our website HERE to contact us about your roofing needs. We look forward to serving you.