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Seasonal Roofing Repair Specialists

JLC Roofing is an Arizona roofing company ready to come alongside the homeowner facing major structural damage from a recent roofing incident.

   While the average fall memories turn to deeply-hued radiant orange, red, and yellow falling leaves and the aroma of delicious hot homemade chili or mom’s apple pie, the resident dealing with damaged shingles or roof leaks might be entertaining frantic thoughts elsewhere.

This is where JLC Roofing shines best. With almost 30 years of experience, JLC Contractors lift the worry by addressing the anxiety with well-trained solutions.

Once an overall expert evaluation had been conducted, JLC Roofing contractors can assess and implement the most effective procedure for quick and effective repair or replacement of damaged gutters, downspouts, skylights, or roof ventilation.

One of the problems homeowners face during the seasonal weather change is tree limbs falling on the roof from high winds. Tree limbs can puncture the roof,  requiring a quick response to prevent small leaks that over time become big leaks. Sometimes an entire tree crashing through the roof brings with it additional internal damage. This requires immediate action before disastrous damage becomes a greater long-term problem.

Often a homeowner can miss something that brings about slow roof damage over time. Wood rot is a common occurrence when wood gets wet and never thoroughly dries following heavy rain. Only a well-trained roofing professional can spot this damage and notify the owner before further damage is done.

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Over the almost thirty years JLC Roofing has been serving Arizonans, we have made a lasting impact by keeping residential and commercial roofs strong to protect the valuable contents inside. Contact us today at 623-878-9832

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