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A+ BBB Rated Roofing Contractor in Arizona

Need the Best Roofing Contractor in Arizona?

JLC Roofing is an A+ BBB rated roofing contractor in Arizona. We’re Arizonans with over two decades of providing quality commercial and residential roofing services.  When you are researching roofing companies in Phoenix or around the state, being local matters.  It means we don’t dash in and out of the state just to chase storms.  We are here for the long haul, serving Arizona families with excellence and integrity.

Researching Roofing Companies in Phoenix Isn't Always Fun

If you need roof repair, or a new roof, there is usually a bit of anxiety created by the need, and it is usually about the hit to your wallet.  We understand.  It’s our integrity that has earned us the A+ BBB rated roofing contractor in Arizona status.  We are fair.  We don’t cut corners.  And our workmanship is high quality.

Are you facing or enduring a leaky roof? Afraid of what roof repair might cost for a full renovation and putting up with hit or miss patching solutions?

Arizona commercial roofer, roofing companies in Phoenix A+ BBB rated

Nothing can be more troublesome than getting rained on –from a leaky roof – with damage occurring every place where things get wet and destroyed.  If you are researching roofing companies in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona for roof repair or replacement, we really encourage you not to wait.  The damage grows and so do the costs the longer you put off the repair or replacement.

JLC Roofing Can Solve Your Roofing Problems

The JLC Roofing crews are licensed, bonded and insured.  They truly are the rescuers to the problem with a long-standing history of providing top notch professional service for roof repair and restoration, whether it is storm related or wear and tear, weathered related. Remember, your home’s roof is the covering for your physical safety and indoor furnishings.

Our family owned business is here to help your family or business.  Whether you need roofing companies in Phoenix, or around the state, please remember that we have over two decades of experience serving Arizonans and the Better Business Bureau has given our Arizona roofing contractor services an A+ rating for both commercial and residential services.  We are here and ready to serve.  Please reach out today on our Contact page and let us know how we can help. 

Arizonans Helping Arizona Orphans

All Kids Need Music charity for children

JLC Roofing is genuinely committed to the state we live in and serve.  We believe in making a difference in the communities where we live.

One of the ways we are giving back is by sponsoring Arizona orphans who have experienced life-threatening abuse and neglect, as well as Arizona’s homeless children. We are honored to support  All Kids Need Music, a non-profit organization that provides therapeutic music lessons and free musical instruments to these vulnerable children. 

Music therapy helps them heal emotionally. It also helps them improve academically. Above all, we believe every Arizona orphan deserves a bright future. You can join us in changing orphaned Arizona children’s lives HERE.

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