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Arizona Roofing Replacement Timing

Why is timing for Arizona roofing replacement important for your home or business bottom line?  Think dollar bills.  Or haboobs.  Monsoons.  118 degree temperatures.  By now you are getting the picture.  Arizona’s extreme summer temperatures can cause roofing materials to break down over time with buckling and peeling shingles and cracking tiles.  When this happens the wood structures underneath are exposed to the elements, causing water damage, pest infestation, and over time, mold growth on the walls of your home.  And of course, as roofs degrade, it impacts the ability to cool the structure efficiently.

High temperatures during the day and temperature swings at night add to the wear and tear.  This is caused thermal shock and older roofs are more susceptible to degrading from these temperature swings.

Of course, during monsoon season the high winds can grab the buckling and peeling shingles and cracking tiles and lift them right off of the roof, leaving it exposed during the most volatile weather season in the Phoenix metro area and southern Arizona communities. Roofing replacement in the fall, winter, and spring are great times to replace warmer climate roofs.

Up north, the challenges of winter with freezing rain and snow create a different Arizona roofing replacement timing need.  Roof replacement in the late spring, summer and early fall are perfect times.

Arizona Roofing Replacement Timing is Key

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